About the Forum

The forum is an annual event for industry professionals who are striving for zero waste to gather.  The forum came about because members of the Great Lakes Bay Zero Waste Consortium want to share with colleagues the resources that are available to aid in the zero waste mission.  

The first forum was held in November 2018 and was a great success (according to attendee surveys).  During the few but valuable hours at the forum you can expect to learn from experienced industry professionals, discover available resources and connect with colleagues who are striving to reach the same goals. 


Forum speakers include: 

Bethany Weems has worked at Consumers Energy for 13 years with 9 years in the Environmental Department. Weems is the Waste Minimization Program Manager and Corporate Lead of the companies 16 Green Teams across the state. She has a master’s degree in Organization Management from Spring Arbor University and an undergraduate degree from Alma College. She has been married to Brandon Weems for over 10 years with two children, an 8-year-old son Kailer and 9-month-old daughter Juniper.  Bethany will highlight waste reduction efforts to achieve the company’s trash reduction goal and discuss the importance of tracking progress.


Wesley Peterman has been in the recycling industry for 13 years. He founded Resourceful Recycling 8 years ago with the idea of diverting recyclables from the landfill. Wesley has an associate’s degree from Delta college in Business Management/Entrepreneurship. He is happily married to his wife Lindsey of 3 years and they have a 2 year old daughter, Kendall. Wes will provide perspective on establishing a waste diversion business. Resourceful Recycling, based in Chesaning, Michigan provides collection services for electronic waste and sustainable solutions for wood pallets.

Chad Antle, P.E. is Chief Executive Officer for BioWorks Energy (BioWorks), LLC, a Michigan based firm specializing in the design and operation of biogas production facilities that utilize food processing waste. He will speak about the waste to energy facility located in Flint, Michigan which utilizes anaerobic digestion to convert food and agriculturally based wastes to renewable electricity. The discussion will include details of how the facility operates, types of waste materials being processed, how renewable energy is produced from the waste streams it receives, and the opportunities to divert waste from landfills using anaerobic digestion.


Chad has detailed hands on knowledge of both design and operations of anaerobic digestion systems in multiple markets, including both agricultural and municipal.  He has over 21 years of civil engineering and management experience including involvement in capital projects, research, and plant operations.  Chad earned both his Bachelor and Master’s degrees in civil engineering from Ohio University. His primary focus has been in solid waste and wastewater engineering and operations. 


Industries served during his career have included alternative energy, wastewater, solid waste, and land development. Chad routinely provides wastewater and anaerobic digestion process training to the members of the Michigan Water Environment Association and third-party groups.   


About BioWorks Energy LLC

BioWorks Energy LLC supplies local solutions to global issues by designing, establishing, and operating biogas production facilities. The biogas produced by BioWorks Energy LLC can be used as vehicle fuel, power production, or heating. Biogas is a valuable and environmentally friendly energy source produced from local substrates and waste.